"Love Philly Food is a new webisode series featuring vignettes of Philadelphia Food Stories"

New Videos are in production! Stay tuned for 8 new videos in 2013!


Love Philly Food is a local media initiative that aims to share the stories of the people who so actively and imaginatively design Philadelphia’s world-class food culture. Love Philly Food asks not only, “Where does our food come from?” but also, “Who’s making it? Where does that person come from?” Informed by a documentary aesthetic, Love Philly Food digs deep into the stories, histories and cultures that infuse and enrich the art of Philadelphia food.


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We would love to hear from you. Feel free to contact us to share your food stories or ideas for new videos. If you are a restaurant or food entrepreneur interested in working with us to create a video, please contact us! lovephillyfood at gmail.com